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Volume 14, Issue 2, March 2020

Volume 14, Issue 2

March 2020

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    • Decision making on the state of transformers based on insulation condition using AHP and TOPSIS methods
      Investigation on space charge and charge trap characteristics of Al–epoxy nanocomposites
      Design and simulation of a flat cap mushroom shape microelectromechanical systems piezoelectric transducer with the application as hydrophone
      Defect characterisation using pulse compression-based quadratic frequency modulated thermal wave imaging
      Methodology and accuracy for non-invasive detection of switching transient overvoltages from compensation coils connected to power transformers
      Stability analysis of brain emotional intelligent controller with application to electrically driven robot manipulators
      Investigation on distribution of electro-thermal coupled field and improved design of ±1100 kV converter valve-side bushing
      Shape and electric performance improvement of an insulator string using particles swarm algorithm
      FPGA implementation of adaptive p-norm filter for non-stationary power signal parameter estimation
      Wiring networks diagnosis using time-domain reflectometry and support vector machines
      AC interference from a faulty power line on nearby buried pipelines: influence of the surface layer soil
    • Identifying hot spots in GSU power transformers using multiple methods

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