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IET Science, Measurement & Technology

Volume 13, Issue 7, September 2019

Volume 13, Issue 7

September 2019

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    • Range-based localisation of a wireless sensor network using Jaya algorithm
      Behaviour of measuring current transformers with cores composed from different magnetic materials at non-rated loads and overcurrents
      Analysis and elimination on common-mode interferences generated in the series-resonant converter system of high-power Tesla pulse driver
      Multiple incipient fault classification approach for enhancing the accuracy of dissolved gas analysis (DGA)
      Multiple nanoparticles for improvement of thermal and dielectric properties of oil nanofluids
      Conductivity-based model for the simulation of homocharges and heterocharges in XLPE high-voltage direct current cable insulation
      Biodistribution of nanodiamonds in the body of mice using EPR spectrometry
      Accurate phasor and frequency estimation during power system oscillations using least squares
      Performance analysis of vegetable oil-based nanofluids used in transformers
      Measuring dielectric properties by two methods using software-defined radio
      Grid-impedance estimation in high-frequency range with a single signal injection using time–frequency distribution
      XLPE – layered silicate nanocomposites for high voltage insulation applications: dielectric characteristics, treeing behaviour and mechanical properties
      Analytical model for the equivalent impedances of the domestic induction heating system with rectangular cross-sectional windings
      Extended aeromagnetic compensation modelling including non-manoeuvring interferences
      Bias-compensated normalised least mean square with variable step size algorithm for three-phase power system frequency estimation
      Design and development of reconfigurable embedded system for real-time acquisition and processing of multichannel ultrasonic signals
      Influence of temperature on interfacial charge of power transformer insulation
    • Microwave-based sensor for power transformers’ insulation oil monitoring

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