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Volume 13, Issue 4, June 2019

Volume 13, Issue 4

June 2019

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    • Effect mechanism of non-ideal flow field on acoustic field in gas ultrasonic flowmeter
      Method for predicting the remaining life of oil–paper insulation system based on stochastic degradation process
      Effect of un-inhibited synthetic ester oil based high dielectric CaCu3Ti4O12 (CCTO) nanofluid for power transformer application
      Electrostatic discharge algorithm: a novel nature-inspired optimisation algorithm and its application to worst-case tolerance analysis of an EMC filter
      Diagnostic quality assured ECG signal compression with selection of appropriate mother wavelet for minimal distortion
      Optimisation of double-sided linear switched reluctance motor for mass and force ripple minimisation
      Design and development of travelling-wave-frequency-based transmission line fault locator using TMS320 DSP
      Artificial intelligence solution to extract the dielectric properties of materials at sub-THz frequencies
      Review of direction of arrival estimation algorithms for partial discharge localisation in transformers
      Feature extraction approach insensitive to temperature variations for impedance-based structural health monitoring
      Method to improve the repeatability of dynamic contact resistance measurement test results for high-voltage circuit breakers
      Modal response analysis of non-uniform and asymmetric DL under plane-wave illumination
      Automation enhancement and accuracy investigation of a portable single-camera gait analysis system
      Evaluations of the apparent soil resistivity and the reflection factor effects on the grounding grid performance in three-layer soils
      Particle swarm approach to the optimisation of trenched cantilever-based MEMS piezoelectric energy harvesters
      SPICE-compatible admittance equivalent circuit for stochastic transmission line under external field illumination
      Position measurement of linear motor mover based on image spectrum energy
      Neural network–based methodology to study effects of oil properties on induction period evaluated from response of oil-paper insulation employing mineral oil, ester, and mixture

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