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IET Science, Measurement & Technology

Volume 13, Issue 3, May 2019

Volume 13, Issue 3

May 2019

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    • Effect of temperature on the dielectric properties of hydrofluoroethers and fluorinated ketone
      Computational modelling approach for the optimisation of a pulsed electric field system for liquid foods
      Influence of contacts’ orientation on the AMF distribution in inter-contact gaps of VCBs
      Hardware design and software development of a motion control and driving system for transradial prosthesis based on a wireless myoelectric armband
      Propagation coefficient spectrum based locating method for cable insulation degradation
      Effect of temperature on the pulse-echo performance of ultrasonic transducers fabricated with PVDF film
      Emotion classification using EEG signals based on tunable-Q wavelet transform
      Hybrid approach for ECG signal enhancement using dictionary learning-based sparse representation
      Fault location for transmission lines compensated with MOV-protected SCs using voltage phasors
      Assessment of DC offset in fault current signal for accurate phasor estimation considering current transformer response
      Online monitoring of transformer through stream clustering of partial discharge signals
      Identification of electrical discharge forms, generated in insulating oil, using the optical spectrophotometry method
      Experimental and simulation study on space charge characteristics of epoxy resin filled with graphene oxide
      Use of surface impedances in a 3D FEM linear model for the calculation of zero-sequence magnetising impedances of three-phase core-type transformers
      Distribution of electric field and structure optimisation on the surface of a ±1100 kV smoothing reactor
      Current pulse characteristic analysis of typical void and point partial discharge based on PIC-MCC method
      Fast corona discharge solver for precipitators using multi-grid methods on fine grids
      Analysis of textured silicone rubber performance under contaminated conditions

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