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IET Science, Measurement & Technology

Volume 13, Issue 2, March 2019

Volume 13, Issue 2

March 2019

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    • Comparing frequency-dependent and distributed parameter with lumped losses power cable line models for cable insulation coordination against overvoltages
      Understanding the influence of ambience on thermal ageing of natural ester liquid
      Effects of structure and material of polluted insulators on the wetting characteristics
      Insulation risk assessment of controlled switching considering pre-strike voltage and line trapped charge
      Discrimination of three or more partial discharge sources by multi-step clustering of cumulative energy features
      Dynamic motion characteristics of a spherical copper particle in the break of SF6 HVDCCB
      Research on stress detection technology of long-distance pipeline applying non-magnetic saturation
      Performance analysis of epoxy nanocomposites due to water droplet-initiated discharges under AC and DC voltages and localisation of discharges
      Measurements on pressboard to understand the effect of solid insulation condition on monitoring of power transformer winding clamping pressure
      Influence of surface charge decay on cavity PD frequency at DC voltage
      Effect of irregular-shaped Cu particles on transformer oil PD characteristics under varying electrode configurations
      DC offset estimation-based fault detection in transmission line during power swing using ensemble of decision tree
      Effects of waveform parameters on the breakdown characteristics of OIP subjected to impulse voltages and evaluation method for waveform equivalence
      Virtual signal-integrity verification tool for copper twisted-pairs using TDR
      Hybrid approach for immunisation of DFT-based phasor estimation method against decaying DC components
      Revisiting the methodological approach to some application oriented unipolar corona investigations focusing interfacial properties of the ionised region
      Skin effect based technique in eddy current non-destructive testing for thickness measurement of conductive material
      Identification of power quality events: selection of optimum base wavelet and machine learning algorithm
      Effect of electrodes material on transient currents in dielectric liquid
      Prediction of DC flashover voltage of cap-and-pin polluted insulator
      Mathematical modelling of the voltage transfer functions of an unloaded overhead line during its energisation under faulty conditions
      Fault detection and isolation based on fuzzy-integral fusion approach
      Corona ageing characteristics of composite insulators based on orthogonal experiment
      Numerical modelling, simulation and experimental validation of partial discharge in cross-linked polyethylene cables
      Feature extraction of analogue circuit fault signals via cross-wavelet transform and variational Bayesian matrix factorisation

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