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Volume 12, Issue 5, August 2018

Volume 12, Issue 5

August 2018

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    • Multipath conductors for EMI filter: recent developments
    • Performance evaluation of distance relay in the presence of hybrid SFCL
      Measurement of dielectric response of transformer moisture content
      Time-domain virtual EMI receiver model algorithm for corona-originated electromagnetic interference of dc transmission line
      Breakdown and Partial discharge characteristics of Mineral oil-based nanofluids
      Integration of wireless flexible sensor and virtual internal impedance model for blood leakage detection during haemodialysis
      Nodal dynamic equation used for electromagnetic transient simulation of linear switching circuit
      Back-electromotive force analysis of permanent magnet micromotor using applicational 3D analytical model
      Effective de-noising of ECG by optimised adaptive thresholding on noisy modes
      Near-field reconstruction for portable wireless devices by deconvolution from input impedance changes
      Proposal of new windings for 5-X variable reluctance resolvers
      Modelling and regulation of two mechanical systems
      Adaptive regulation of the weights of REQUEST used to magnetic and inertial measurement unit based on hidden Markov model
      Analytic coarse alignment and calibration for inertial navigation system on swaying base assisted by star sensor
      Non-linear MIMO identification of a Phantom Omni using LS-SVR with a hybrid model selection
      Comparative analysis of breakdown spectra registered using optical spectrometry technique in biodegradable ester liquids and mineral oil
      Study on FDS characteristics of oil-immersed paper insulation bushing under non-uniform moisture content
      Analysis of dual-gate high electron mobility transistor using an unconditionally stable time domain method

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