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Volume 12, Issue 4, July 2018

Volume 12, Issue 4

July 2018

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    • Transient behaviour of grounding electrodes in uniform and in vertically stratified soil using state space representation
      Surface charge distribution patterns of a truncated cone-type spacer for high-voltage direct current gas-insulated metal-enclosed transmission line/gas-insulated metal-enclosed switchgear
      Leakage error measurement of vector network analyser in National Institute of Metrology (Thailand)
      Near-binary multisine design with arbitrary sparse spectrum for fast BIS measurement
      Study on evaporation duct estimation from point-to-point propagation measurements
      Calculation method of ion mobility spectrum for single-measurement-electrode Gerdien tubes
      Numerical inversion analysis on front-face temperature rise of Al alloy suffered from long continuing current in lightning
      Analysis and experimental research on air gap characteristics of permanent magnet low-resistance belt conveyor
      Mechanism of magnetic losses variation in stator-end structures with windings extensions using space vectors
      Experimental and analytical study on the performance of novel design of efficient two-stage electrostatic precipitator
      Detecting incipient radial deformations of power transformer windings using polar plot and digital image processing
      Simple approach to design a capacitive rotary encoder
      Effect of off-axis H-coil sensitivity on clockwise–anticlockwise differences of rotational power loss in isotropic samples
      Determination of transformer HV winding axial displacement occurrence, direction, and extent using time-domain analysis of UWB signals
      Measurement of walking speed from gait data using kurtosis and skewness based approximate and detailed coefficients
      Online measuring method of the axial section line in ring forging process
      Estimation of paper-moisture in transformer insulation employing dielectric spectroscopy data
      Improved electro-geometric model for shielding failure analysis of transmission lines
      Towards a classification of surgical skills using affine velocity
      Induction machine fault detection using smartphone recorded audible noise
      Error analysis and compensation of an optical linear encoder
      Directional cyclic demodulation with application to identification of rotor oil-film instability fault coupled with rub–impact

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