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Volume 12, Issue 1, January 2018

Volume 12, Issue 1

January 2018

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    • High-impedance fault detection in electrical power distribution systems using moving sum approach
      Numerical simulation on the surface charge accumulation process of epoxy insulator under needle-plane corona discharge in air
      Study on the difference of chemical composition of insulator contamination on UHV-AC and -DC transmission lines
      Power-aware speed scaling in multiprocessor systems
      Low-cost automotive wireless instrumentation: is it possible?
      Emulating single point bearing faults with the use of an active magnetic bearing
      Multi-resonant FLL-based control algorithm for grid interfaced multi-functional solar energy conversion system
      Feature extraction of power transformer vibration signals based on empirical wavelet transform and multiscale entropy
      Time–frequency representation using IEVDHM–HT with application to classification of epileptic EEG signals
      Effects of non-linear conductivity on charge trapping and de-trapping behaviours in epoxy/SiC composites under DC stress
      Partial discharge detection by extracting UHF signal from inner grading electrode of insulating spacer in GIS
      Monte Carlo modelling of percolation and conductivity in carbon filled polymer nanocomposites
      Multiclass power quality events classification using variational mode decomposition with fast reduced kernel extreme learning machine-based feature selection
      Design and development of a level transmitter using force resistive sensor as a primary sensing element
      Design of an HV capacitor using the inherent advantage of charge simulation method and experimentations
      Robust Gaussian particle filter based on modified likelihood function
      Effect of temperature on AC breakdown voltage of nanofilled transformer oil
      Time-efficient BER estimation approach using jitter characteristics for HBC channel

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