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IET Science, Measurement & Technology

Volume 11, Issue 8, November 2017

Volume 11, Issue 8

November 2017

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    • Interturn short diagnosis in small transformers through impulse injection: on-line on-load self-impedance transfer function approach
      Optimisation of antenna array allocation for partial discharge localisation in air-insulated substation
      Railway track transmission line model: calculation of rail conductance by means of boundary element method
      Condition assessment of power transformers based on multi-attributes using fuzzy logic
      Bidding strategies of the joint wind, hydro, and pumped-storage in generation company using novel improved clonal selection optimisation algorithm
      Application of chaotic whale optimisation algorithm for transient stability constrained optimal power flow
      Multifractal detrended fluctuation analysis based novel feature extraction technique for automated detection of focal and non-focal electroencephalogram signals
      Signal processing for coal layer thickness estimation using high-resolution time delay estimation methods
      Half-cycle method for exponentially DC components elimination applicable in phasor estimation
      Characterising micro-reflections in coaxial cable network
      Measurement uncertainty of the instantaneous characteristics of non-linear coil obtained by Dommel's method
      Optimal allocation of plug-in electric vehicle capacity to produce active, reactive and distorted powers using differential evolution based artificial bee colony algorithm
      Remaining useful life estimation without needing for prior knowledge of the degradation features
      Signal demodulation research of a frequency output resonant gyroscope based on instantaneous frequency analysis
      Supervisory algorithm based on reaction wheel modelling and spectrum analysis for detection and classification of electromechanical faults
      Improved component compensation for geomagnetic field vector measurement using Lagrange multiplier method
      Novel approach for sleep disorder monitoring using a finite-state machine for localities lacking specialist physicians
      Communication emitter identification based on distribution of bispectrum amplitude and phase

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