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Volume 11, Issue 7, October 2017

Volume 11, Issue 7

October 2017

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    • Analysis of FPA and BA meta-heuristic controllers for optimal path planning of mobile robot in cluttered environment
      Measurement error analysis of binocular stereo vision: effective guidelines for bionic eyes
      Sampling strategy and error estimation for evaluation of quadratic form error using Cartesian coordinate data
      Detection of epileptic seizure and seizure-free EEG signals employing generalised S -transform
      Impedance matching network for ground eliminated open-ended resonant coil structure in distributed wireless power transmission systems
      Mobile-agent-based distributed variational Bayesian algorithm for density estimation in sensor networks
      Dynamic tension test and intelligent coordinated control system of a heavy scraper conveyor
      Covariance intersection-based fusion algorithm for asynchronous multirate multisensor system with cross-correlation
      Accuracy study for lock-in amplifiers in a scanning near-infrared spectrometer
      Angle estimation of a single-axis rotation: a practical inertial-measurement-unit-based method
      Calibration model for detection of potential demodulating behaviour in biological media exposed to RF energy
      Thermodynamic control of MEMS meteorology pressure sensing element in low-temperature application down to −45°C
      High sensitivity and robustness carrier-tracking loop for vehicular applications
      Position detection method of linear motor mover based on extended phase correlation algorithm
      Robust measure of non-linearity-based cubature Kalman filter
      Condition assessment of various regions within non-uniformly aged cellulosic insulation of power transformer using modified Debye model
      Position error calculation of linear resolver under mechanical fault conditions
      Research on conditional characteristics vision real-time detection system for conveyor belt longitudinal tear

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