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IET Science, Measurement & Technology

Volume 11, Issue 6, September 2017

Volume 11, Issue 6

September 2017

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    • Intelligent fault diagnosis approach with unsupervised feature learning by stacked denoising autoencoder
      Enhancement of leak detection in pipelines through time-domain reflectometry/ground penetrating radar measurements
      Backup protection scheme for transmission line compensated with UPFC during high impedance faults and dynamic situations
      Evaluation of directional relay algorithms in the presence of FCL
      Analysis and design of power conditioning circuit for piezoelectric vibration energy harvester
      Attitude determination using a single sensor observation: analytic quaternion solutions and property discussion
      Microwave spectra inside the combustion chamber of a kraft recovery boiler – effects on communications
      Robust full-wave Maxwell solver in time-domain using magnetic vector potential with edge elements
      Denoising of UHF PD signals based on optimised VMD and wavelet transform
      Characterising a PCB electrical conductivity sensor using electromagnetic simulation and a genetic algorithm
      Method for diagnosis of the effect of AC on the X70 pipeline due to an inductive coupling caused by HVPL
      Effect of measurement temperature on power transformer insulation diagnosis using frequency-domain spectroscopy
      Extracting modal field profiles from 3D unstructured transmission line modelling meshes for use as sources and observers
      Airborne platform attitude determination by using aerial image series
      Highly efficient approach to the simulation of variable-speed induction motor drives
      Detection and classification of power quality disturbances based on time–frequency-scale transform
    • Improved iterative FD-CE and turbo equalisation for doubly-selective high-frequency channel

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