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IET Science, Measurement & Technology

Volume 11, Issue 1, January 2017

Volume 11, Issue 1

January 2017

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    • Study on characteristics of magnetic memory testing signal based on the stress concentration field
      State estimation strategy for fractional order systems with noises and multiple time delayed measurements
      Surface charge and flashover characteristics of fluorinated PP under pulse voltage
      Simulation and measurement for shielding effectiveness of small size metal enclosure
      Adaptive fault identification of bearing using empirical mode decomposition–principal component analysis-based average kurtosis technique
      Mitigation of erroneous oscillations in electromagnetic transient simulations using analogue filter theory
      Intensity modulation-based fibre optic vibration sensor using an aperture within a proof mass
      Light-addressable potentiometric sensor with the micro blind holes substrate
      Investigation of displacement measurement method based on fringing field capacitor
      Application of fractional Fourier transform for classification of power quality disturbances
      Phase noise coherence of two continuous wave radio frequency signals of different frequency
      Graphical modelling of pinched hysteresis loops of memristors
      Evaluation of metal plastic deformation using radio-frequency reflection features
      Applied system-level method in calibration validation for personal navigation system in field
      Analysis of the direct current ionised field near the field mill probe with a hat-shaped electrode
      Automatic measurement method for the size of large forgings based on scattering on rough surface
      Characterisation and optimisation of the d 33 coefficient of cellular PP films
      Pinched hysteresis loops and symmetry

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