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IET Science, Measurement & Technology

Volume 10, Issue 8, November 2016

Volume 10, Issue 8

November 2016

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    • Current recovery for the RWG-based method of moments
      Effect of nanoparticles on transformer oil breakdown strength: experiment and theory
      Iron loss calculation considering temperature influence in non-oriented steel laminations
      Experimental investigation of the external lightning protection of ships through impulse voltage tests on a scaled-down ship model
      Condition assessment of outdoor porcelain insulator based on dielectric dissipation factor evaluated from non-linear equivalent circuit
      Altitude data fusion utilising differential measurement and complementary filter
      Method to secure the performance of the differential protection in presence of fault current limiter applied into the neutral line
      Effect of magnetic coupling between the mounting loops of two parallel capacitors on antiresonance
      Structural damage estimation in mid-rise reinforced concrete structure based on time–frequency analysis of seismic accelerograms
      Microwave-based system for non-destructive monitoring water pipe networks using support vector machine
      Robust H-infinity CKF/KF hybrid filtering method for SINS alignment
      Dynamic initial coarse alignment of SINS for AUV using the velocity loci and pressure sensor
      Cooperative sensing based on permutation entropy with adaptive thresholding technique for cognitive radio networks
      Control the cost, touch and step voltages of the grounding grids design
      Stable Galerkin finite-element scheme for the simulation of problems involving conductors moving rectilinearly in magnetic fields
      Analysis of ALS and normal EMG signals based on empirical mode decomposition
      Mutual inductance and magnetic force calculations for coaxial bitter disk coils (Pancakes)
      Utilisation of skewness of wavelet-based approximate coefficient in walking speed assessment

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