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IET Science, Measurement & Technology

Volume 10, Issue 7, October 2016

Volume 10, Issue 7

October 2016

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    • Design and experimental research for a new kind of lung function parameters measurement device
      Time domain analysis of field effect transistors using unconditionally stable finite difference method
      Real-time fault analysis of transmission lines using wavelet multi-resolution analysis based frequency-domain approach
      Target tracking algorithm based on adaptive strong tracking particle filter
      Influence of thermal ageing and electrical discharges on uninhibited olive oil properties
      Versatile CCD-based spectrometer with field programmable gate array controller core
      Transient thermal variation in stator winding of nuclear power turbo-generator with the inner sudden water brake
      Partial discharge pattern recognition method based on variable predictive model-based class discriminate and partial least squares regression
      Accurate power transformer PD pattern recognition via its model
      Analysis of inductance calculation of coaxial circular filamentary coils, thin-wall solenoids, and disk coils using inverse hyperbolic functions
      Faulty phase selection for transmission line using integrated moving sum approach
      Inter-correlations between emitted lights and corresponding currents associated to different energy level spark discharges in mineral oil submitted to high-voltage direct current stresses
      Free chattering hybrid sliding mode control for a class of non-linear systems: electric vehicles as a case study
      Identification of interharmonics using disperse energy distribution algorithm for flicker troubleshooting
      Method of sparse design based on the dimension reduction technology and the double partial discharge sources positioning test
      Propogation characteristics of PD-induced UHF signal in 126 kV GIS with three-phase construction based on time–frequency analysis
      Energy conservation-based thresholding for effective wavelet denoising of partial discharge signals
      Health index calculation for power transformers using technical and economical parameters

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