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  • A Categorization-Based Approach for Predicting the Fault-Proneness of Object-Oriented Classes in Software Post-Releases
  • Software aging prediction using neural network with ridge
  • An Adaptive Random Testing Method Based on Flexible Partitioning
  • A Multi-view City-Based Approach for codesmell Evolution Visualization
  • Aspect Based Requirements Mining Technique to Improve Prioritization Process: Multi Stakeholder Perspective
  • Discovering software developer's coding expertise through deep learning
  • Cloud testing automation: industrial needs and ElasTest response
  • Organising the knowledge from stack overflow about location-sensing of Android applications
  • Predicting the bug fixing time using word embedding and deep long short term memories
  • Within-project and cross-project just-in-time defect prediction based on denoising autoencoder and convolutional neural network
  • Systematic literature review on intent-driven systems
  • Software defect prediction via LSTM
  • Determining the best-fit programmers using Bayes’ theorem and artificial neural network
  • Overlap-aware rapid type analysis for constructing one-to-one matched call graphs in regression test selection
  • Efficient improved ant colony optimisation algorithm for dynamic software rejuvenation in web services
  • New internal metric for software clustering algorithms validity
  • Detecting application logic vulnerabilities via finding incompatibility between application design and implementation
  • Analytic Hierarchy Process Based Prioritisation and Taxonomy of Success Factors for Scaling Agile Methods in Global Software Development
  • SmartVisual: a visualisation tool for SmartThings IoT Apps using static analysis
  • Ontology for knowledge condensation to support expertise location in the code phase during software development process
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