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Volume 14, Issue 7, 30 December 2020

Volume 14, Issue 7

30 December 2020

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    • Predicting co-change probability in software applications using historical metadata
      Investigating the information value of different sources of evidence of developers’ expertise for bug assignment in open-source projects
      Software crowdsourcing task pricing based on topic model analysis
      Software defect prediction using K-PCA and various kernel-based extreme learning machine: an empirical study
      Changes in artefact-centric business process instances and their correctness prediction
      Code review effectiveness: an empirical study on selected factors influence
      WSEMQT: a novel approach for quality-based evaluation of web data sources for a data warehouse
      Deep learning-based prototyping of android GUI from hand-drawn mockups
      Manifold embedded distribution adaptation for cross-project defect prediction
      Mining social collaboration patterns in developer social networks
      Customer reviews as the measure of software quality
    • Organisational climate assessments of Agile teams – a qualitative multiple case study

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