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Volume 11, Issue 5, October 2017

Volume 11, Issue 5

October 2017

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    • Clustering ECG heartbeat using improved semi-supervised affinity propagation
      Word cloud segmentation for simplified exploration of trending topics on Twitter
      Evaluation of an approach to define elicitation guides of non-functional requirements
      The Impact of Sentiment Orientations on Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns through Text Analytics
      Resource optimised workflow scheduling in Hadoop using stochastic hill climbing technique
      Task assignment to distributed teams aided by a hybrid methodology of verbal decision analysis
      To what extent can prescriptions be meaningfully exchanged between primary care terminologies? A case study of four western European classification systems
      Support vector regression for predicting the productivity of higher education graduate students from individually developed software projects
      Privacy preserving big data publishing: a scalable k-anonymization approach using MapReduce

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