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Call for papers for upcoming Special Issues

Innovative radar detection, tracking and classification for small UAVs as an emerging class of targets - click here to download more information

Specific topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Detection algorithms for small UAVs and drones
  • Characterisation of the RCS of small UAVs under different conditions (materials, shapes, radar frequency, and so on)
  • Tracking algorithms for small UAVs
  • Classification algorithms to distinguish different models of small UAVs
  • Classification of small UAVs vs. false targets, e.g. large birds
  • Application of artificial intelligence such as neural networks or reinforcement learning for classification and tracking of small UAVs
  • Identification of payloads carried by small UAVs and possible inference of intent (friends vs. for classification)
  • Passive radar techniques applied for surveillance of small UAVs as targets
  • Fusion of information from radar sensors with electro-optics and acoustic sensors for surveillance of small UAVs
  • Radar characteristics of swarms of small UAVs

Quantum Sensing and Positioning - click here to download more information

Specific topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Quantum radar sensors
  • Ghost imaging, non-interactive imaging and imaging with undetected photons
  • Systems using entangled photons or other non-classical correlations
  • Monostatic, bistatic or multistatic systems
  • Novel systems using single photons or very low photon counts
  • Transmitter and receiver positioning and pointing
  • Optical, infra-red or microwave/mm-wave systems
  • Subsystem issues such as ancilla storage, wavelength conversion and detectors
  • System issues such as acquisition and tracking
  • Target scattering characteristics and link budgets
  • Stealth and LPI/LPD aspects, e.g. coded signals

Previously published Special Issues


Passive High Resolution and Imaging Radar

Vol. 13, Issue 2


Advanced Automotive Sensing – Towards Car Autonomy

Vol. 12, Issue 10


Special Section: Sonar Multi-sensor Applications and Techniques

Vol. 11, Issue 12

Selected papers from the 2015 IEEE Radar Conference

Vol. 11, Issue 6


Aero-Acoustics for Defence and Security

Vol. 10, Issue 9

Catching the Invisible

Vol. 10, Issue 1



Vol. 9, Issue 9

Special Section: Application of Radar to Remote Patient Monitoring and Eldercare

Vol. 9, Issue 2


Special Section: Spectrum Engineering and Waveform Diversity

Vol. 8, Issue 9

Bistatic and MIMO Radars and their Applications in Surveillance and Remote Sensing

Vol. 8, Issue 2


Special Section: Biologically Inspired Sonar and Radar Systems

Vol. 6, Issue 6

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