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IET Radar, Sonar & Navigation

Volume 9, Issue 9, December 2015

Volume 9, Issue 9

December 2015

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    • Current Research in Micro-Doppler: Editorial for the Special Issue on Micro-Doppler
      Review of micro-Doppler signatures
      Separation and reconstruction of the rigid body and micro-Doppler signal in ISAR part I – theory
      Separation and reconstruction of the rigid body and micro-Doppler signal in ISAR part II – statistical analysis
      Algebraic iterative wideband radar imaging algorithm to identify rapidly rotating parts on aerial targets
      Discrimination of human targets for radar surveillance via micro-Doppler characteristics
      Features for micro-Doppler based activity classification
      Classification of micro-Doppler signatures of human motions using log-Gabor filters
      Operational assessment and adaptive selection of micro-Doppler features
      Radar micro-Doppler signatures of various human activities
      Recognition of humans based on radar micro-Doppler shape spectrum features
      Human gait recognition with cane assistive device using quadratic time–frequency distributions
      Aspect angle dependence and multistatic data fusion for micro-Doppler classification of armed/unarmed personnel
      Range-Doppler surface: a tool to analyse human target in ultra-wideband radar
      Textural feature extraction based on time–frequency spectrograms of humans and vehicles
      Sparse time–frequency representation for signals with fast varying instantaneous frequency
      Micro-Doppler radar signature identification within wind turbine clutter based on short-CPI airborne radar observations
      Micro-Doppler signatures of helicopters in multistatic passive radars
      Effective coherent integration method for marine target with micromotion via phase differentiation and radon-Lv's distribution
      Evaluation of rodents’ respiratory activity using a bioradar
    • Propagation effects on high frequency skywave multiple-input–multiple-output radar
      Real-valued sparse representation for single snapshot direction-of-arrival estimation in shipborne high-frequency surface wave radar
      Range migration compensation in static digital-beamforming-on-receive radar
      Target tracking with a two-scan data association algorithm extended for the hybrid target state
      Accelerating search based on truncated convolution for rapid detection of linear frequency modulated signals
      Design of multiple-input multiple-output transmit waveform and receive filter for extended target detection
      Efficient imaging algorithm for spaceborne synthetic aperture radar/ground moving target indication systems
      Imaging and micro-Doppler analysis of vibrating target in multi-input–multi-output synthetic aperture radar
      Squint model interferometric ISAR imaging based on respective reference range selection and squint iteration improvement
      Target recognition in synthetic aperture radar images via non-negative matrix factorisation

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