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Volume 9, Issue 7, August 2015

Volume 9, Issue 7

August 2015

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    • Real-time imbalance compensator for wideband receiver applications
      Improved weak space object tracking assisted by strong target
      Algorithm to eliminate the wind direction ambiguity from the monostatic high-frequency radar backscatter spectra
      Experimental study of polarisation technique on multi-FM-based passive radar
      Beamspace reduced-dimension space–time adaptive processing for multiple-input multiple-output radar based on maximum cross-correlation energy
      Robust training samples selection algorithm based on spectral similarity for space–time adaptive processing in heterogeneous interference environments
      Automatic feature extraction from jet engine modulation signals based on an image processing method
      Precise acquisition of global navigation satellite system signals in the presence of multipath and influence on tracking capability
      Optimisation for stealth target detection based on stratospheric balloon-borne netted radar system
      Fractional order Pareto distributions with application to X-band maritime radar clutter
      Efficient time-varying interference suppression method for synthetic aperture radar imaging based on time-frequency reconstruction and mask technique
      Weak target detection in sea clutter background using local-multifractal spectrum with adaptive window length
      Resolution enhancement for Doppler beam sharpening imaging
      Interference suppression with flat gain constraint for satellite navigation systems
      Multistatic human micro-Doppler classification of armed/unarmed personnel
      Separating function estimation tests for narrowband signal activity detection using linear array
      Factorised polar-format back-projection algorithm
      Two-step estimator for moving-emitter geolocation using time difference of arrival/frequency-difference of arrival measurements
      Optimal receive filter design under similarity constraint in coloured noise
      Autofocus algorithm using blind homomorphic deconvolution for synthetic aperture radar imaging
      Design and assessment of composite civil moderate code structure for efficient global positioning system L2 civil signal acquisition
      Long-time coherent integration detection of weak manoeuvring target via integration algorithm, improved axis rotation discrete chirp-Fourier transform

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