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Volume 9, Issue 6, July 2015

Volume 9, Issue 6

July 2015

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    • Analysis and simulation for broadening first-order sea clutter spectrum in high frequency hybrid sky-surface wave propagation mode
      Sea clutter suppression and micromotion marine target detection via radon-linear canonical ambiguity function
      Radar target classification using support vector machine and subspace methods
      Statistical analysis of monopulse-synthetic aperture radar for constant false-alarm rate detection of ground moving targets
      Long-distance imaging with frequency modulation continuous wave and inverse synthetic aperture radar
      Around-the-corner radar: detection of a human being in non-line of sight
      Dual binary phase-shift keying tracking method for Galileo E5 AltBOC(15,10) signal and its thermal noise performance
      Degarbling Mode S replies received in single channel stations with a digital incremental improvement
      Three-dimensional interferometric inverse synthetic aperture radar imaging with limited pulses by exploiting joint sparsity
      Automatic ionospheric scintillation detector for global navigation satellite system receivers
      Space-Doppler adaptive processing for radar imaging of moving targets masked by ground clutter
      Sparse-reconstruction-based direction of arrival, polarisation and power estimation using a cross-dipole array
      Approach for space-based radar manoeuvring target detection and high-order motion parameter estimation

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