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IET Radar, Sonar & Navigation

Volume 9, Issue 2, February 2015

Volume 9, Issue 2

February 2015

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    • Application of Radar to Remote Patient Monitoring and Eldercare
      Cyclostationary modelling of amplitude and frequency modulated signals in heart and respiration monitoring Doppler radar systems
      M-sequence-based ultra-wideband sensor network for vitality monitoring of elders at home
      Mitigation of stationary clutter in vital-sign-monitoring linear-frequency-modulated continuous-wave radars
      Experimental investigation into radar-based central blood pressure estimation
      Ultra-wideband radar-based accurate motion measuring: human body landmark detection and tracking with biomechanical constraints
      Radar-based fall detection based on Doppler time–frequency signatures for assisted living
      Multi-window time–frequency signature reconstruction from undersampled continuous-wave radar measurements for fall detection
      Low profile dual-band antenna loaded with artificial magnetic conductor for indoor radar systems
      Short-range ground moving target indication in forward looking airborne radar based on elevation prefiltering
      Switched Kalman filter-interacting multiple model algorithm based on optimal autoregressive model for manoeuvring target tracking
      Range-dependent clutter suppression approach for non-side-looking airborne radar based on orthogonal waveforms
      Parametric space–time detection and range estimation of a small target

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