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IET Radar, Sonar & Navigation

Volume 8, Issue 9, December 2014

Volume 8, Issue 9

December 2014

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    • Editorial
      An Innovative subarray partitioning method for clutter suppression by space-time adaptive processing based on the ant colony optimisation
      Clutter suppression approach for non-sidelooking airborne radar with medium pulse repetition frequency
      A subspace-based channel calibration algorithm for geosynchronous satellite-airborne bistatic multi-channel radars
      A radar detector with enhanced range estimation capabilities for partially homogeneous environment
      Low power software defined incoherent scatter radar system design concept for continuous sounding the earth's ionosphere
      Low-angle tracking algorithm using polarisation sensitive array for very-high frequency radar
      Fuzzy c-means-based intelligent tracking algorithm for an underwater manoeuvring target
      Fast satellite selection method for multi-constellation Global Navigation Satellite System under obstacle environments
      Review and classification of vision-based localisation techniques in unknown environments
      Spaceborne squinted multichannel synthetic aperture radar data focusing
      Modelling of ionospheric time delay of Global Positioning System (GPS) signals using Taylor series expansion for GPS Aided Geo Augmented Navigation applications
      Position fix in terrain referenced navigation using statistical verification
      Stability analysis of inertial navigation system-aided phase-lock-loop via an integral quadratic constraint approach
      Clutter space-time covariance matrix estimate based on multi-polarised data
      Two-stage channel calibration technique for multichannel synthetic aperture radar-ground moving target indication systems
      Analysis of non-linear properties of digital radar range finders using statistical linearisation method
      Unsupervised classification of polarimetric synthetic aperture radar interferometry using polarimetric interferometric similarity parameters and SPAN
      Maximum-likelihood-based approach for single-pass synthetic aperture radar tomography over urban areas
      Fast non-linearly constrained least square joint estimation of position and velocity for X-ray pulsar-based navigation
      Sparse aperture inverse synthetic aperture radar imaging of manoeuvring targets with compensation of migration through range cells
      Detection of a distributed target with direction uncertainty
      Robust fast maximum likelihood with assumed clutter covariance algorithm for adaptive clutter suppression
      Polarisation oblique projection for radar seeker tracking in chaff centroid jamming environment without prior knowledge
      Study on the improvements for the high-resolution frequency modulated continuous wave synthetic aperture radar imaging
      Decentralised tracking for human target in multistatic ultra-wideband radar
    • Editorial
      Waveform diversity for ultra-wide band surveillance radars
      Physical emission of spatially-modulated radar
      Target scene frequency diversity exploitation with ultra-wideband orthogonal frequency division multiplexing radar
      Blind source separation with the generalised estimation of multipath signals algorithm
      Emitter selection criteria for passive multistatic synthetic aperture radar imaging
      Direct algorithm for the Pareto load-pull optimisation of power-added efficiency and adjacent-channel power ratio
      Transversal directional filters for channel combining

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