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Volume 8, Issue 8, October 2014

Volume 8, Issue 8

October 2014

Simplistic approach for water vapour sensing using a standalone global positioning system receiver
Iterative least-squares-based wave measurement using X-band nautical radar
Stepped frequency synthetic preprocessing algorithm for inverse synthetic aperture radar imaging in fast moving target echo model
Ionospheric effects on three-dimensional imaging of L-band geosynchronous circular synthetic aperture radar
Direction of arrival estimation with a sparse uniform array of orthogonally oriented and spatially separated dipole-triads
Extension of robust three-stage Kalman filter for state estimation during Mars entry
Radio holography signal reconstruction and shadow inverse synthetic aperture radar imaging in ground-based forward scatter radar: theory and experimental results
Simulation analysis and experimentation study on sea clutter spectrum for high-frequency hybrid sky-surface wave propagation mode
Squared-root cubature information consensus filter for non-linear decentralised state estimation in sensor networks
Joint estimation algorithm for multi-targets’ motion parameters
Fast factorised backprojection algorithm in elliptical polar coordinate for one-stationary bistatic very high frequency/ultrahigh frequency ultra-wideband synthetic aperture radar with arbitrary motion
Unsupervised classification based on non-negative eigenvalue decomposition and Wishart classifier
Analytical method for monostatic radar cross section calculation of a perfectly conducting wind turbine model located over dielectric lossy half space
Improved method for synthetic aperture radar scattered wave deception jamming
Linear minimum mean squared estimation of measurement bias driven by structured unknown inputs

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