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IET Radar, Sonar & Navigation

Volume 7, Issue 7, August 2013

Volume 7, Issue 7

August 2013

New scaling function processing approach for mono-static terrain imaging radar
Near-field source localisation using a velocity sensor array
Discrete chirp-Fourier transform-based acquisition algorithm for weak global positioning system L5 signals in high dynamic environments
Reconfigurable sum–difference pattern by means of parasitic elements for forward-looking monopulse radar
Compressive feature and kernel sparse coding-based radar target recognition
Advanced range migration algorithm for ultra-high resolution spaceborne synthetic aperture radar
New analytical approach to detection threshold of a dynamic programming track-before-detect algorithm
Ensemble of differential evolution algorithms for electromagnetic target recognition problem
Direct position tracking loop based on linearised signal model for global navigation satellite system receivers
Passive acoustic localisation using blind Gauss–Markov estimate with spectral estimation at each sensor
Real time estimation of slant path tropospheric delay at very low elevation based on singular ground-based global positioning system station
Dynamic waveform selection for manoeuvering target tracking in clutter

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