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IET Radar, Sonar & Navigation

Volume 5, Issue 7, August 2011

Volume 5, Issue 7

August 2011

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    • Combining the interacting multiple model method with particle filters for manoeuvring target tracking with a multistatic radar system
      Reduced dimension robust Capon beamforming for large aperture passive sonar arrays
      Design of high-resolution radar waveforms for multi-radar and dense target environments
      Particle filtering with correlated measurement and process noise at the same time
      Partial-correlation-result reconstruction technique for weak global navigation satellite system long pseudo-noise-code acquisition
      Non-linear dynamics method for target identification
      Decision fusion strategies for SAR image target recognition
      Modelling of extended objects using sparse multi-aspect High Range Resolution radar data set
      Empirical mode decomposition-based monopulse processor for enhanced radar tracking in the presence of high-power interference
      Adaptive detection of sparsely distributed target in non-Gaussian clutter
      Iterative altitude-aiding algorithm for improved GNSS positioning
      Signal spectral modelling for airborne radar in the presence of windshear phenomena

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