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Volume 14, Issue 6, June 2020

Volume 14, Issue 6

June 2020

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    • Generalised maximum complex correntropy-based DOA estimation in presence of impulsive noise
      Intra-pulse modulation radar signal recognition based on CLDN network
      Decision fusion using virtual dictionary-based sparse representation for robust SAR automatic target recognition
      Power allocation in MIMO radars based on LPI optimisation and detection performance fulfilment
      Radar cross-sections of pedestrians at automotive radar frequencies using ray tracing and point scatterer modelling
      Pilot-based detection for DVB-T passive coherent location radars
      Novel sparse apertures ISAR imaging algorithm via the TLS-ESPRIT technique
      Multi-sensor Poisson multi-Bernoulli filter based on partitioned measurements
      Proposal of spread spectrum MSK for BDS RDSS signal modulation
      Unambiguous velocity estimation method based on intra-pulse cross-correlation
      Prediction-discrepancy based on innovative particle filter for estimating UAV true position in the presence of the GPS spoofing attacks
      Stagger period estimation algorithm for multiple sets of radar pulses
      Radar imaging using pseudo-coherent marine radar technology
      FDA-MIMO for joint angle and range estimation: unfolded coprime framework and parameter estimation algorithm
      Fast-time STAP based on BSS for heterogeneous ionospheric clutter mitigation in HFSWR
      Filter re-start strategy for angle-only tracking of a highly manoeuvrable target considering the target's destination information
      Signal quality monitoring-based spoofing detection method for Global Navigation Satellite System vector tracking structure
      Accurate 3D localisation of mobile target using single station with AoA–TDoA measurements

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