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Volume 14, Issue 5, May 2020

Volume 14, Issue 5

May 2020

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    • Classification of drones and birds using convolutional neural networks applied to radar micro-Doppler spectrogram images
      Accuracy improvement in amplitude comparison-based passive direction finding systems by adaptive squint selection
      Underwater acoustic positioning with a single beacon and a varied baseline for a multi-jointed AUV in the deep ocean
      Grid-less coherent DOA estimation based on fourth-order cumulants with Gaussian coloured noise
      Joint power and time width allocation in collocated MIMO radar for multi-target tracking
      H4LO: automation platform for efficient RF fingerprinting using SLAM-derived map and poses
      Applied singular value decomposition method in transfer alignment and bias calibration
      Radar signals classification using energy-time-frequency distribution features
      Parametric localisation in frequency diverse array
      Convolutional neural network applied to specific emitter identification based on pulse waveform images
      Radial basis function Kalman filter for attitude estimation in GPS-denied environment
      GNSS attitude estimation based on adaptive Kalman filtering using phase measurement
      LPI performance optimisation strategy for a JRCS
      Intermediate frequency variation in long-range FMCW radar for harmonics cancellation
      Optimal linear filtering for weak target detection based on dyadic contrast function analysis in RFT
      Emitter signals modulation recognition based on discriminative projection and collaborative representation

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