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IET Radar, Sonar & Navigation

Volume 13, Issue 5, May 2019

Volume 13, Issue 5

May 2019

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    • Proposed 2D and 3D geometries intended for smart antenna applications, including direction finding and beamforming implementation
      Three-dimensional discrete-time controller to intercept a targeted UAV using a capture net towed by multiple aerial robots
      Dual-radar coherently combining: generalised paradigm and verification example
      Interference mitigation for GNSS receivers with dual-polarised sensitive arrays in the joint space–frequency–polarisation domain
      Low-complexity robust adaptive beamforming method for MIMO radar based on covariance matrix estimation and steering vector mismatch correction
      Resilient fusion navigation based on failure influence level evaluation
      Radar target detection method based on cross-correlation singularity power spectrum
      Distributed track-to-track fusion for non-linear systems with Gaussian mixture noise
      Joint dynamic spectrum access and target-matched illumination for cognitive radar
      Phase analysis-based stationary clutter suppression under iron-structures for automotive FMCW radar
      H∞ LIDAR odometry for spacecraft relative navigation
      Reconfigurable missile-borne SAR imaging SoC design
      Design of multiple near-orthogonal spectrally-compliant waveforms via alternating successive convex approximations and projections
      Space time adaptive processing based on sparse recovery and clutter reconstructing
      Path plan strategy of an underwater robot to approach a moving emitter while maximising sound intensity measurements
      Effects of wideband waveforms on simultaneous scattering matrix measurement of manoeuvring targets
      Robust decentralised state estimation for formation flying spacecraft
      Local-area nanosecond-accuracy time synchronisation based on GPS L1 observations
      BP algorithm for the multireceiver SAS
      Investigation and realisation of integrated navigation system using optimal pseudo sensor enhancement method
      Vehicle detection and classification using LTE-CommSense
    • Instantaneous method of detecting ionospheric disturbance

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