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IET Radar, Sonar & Navigation

Volume 13, Issue 4, April 2019

Volume 13, Issue 4

April 2019

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    • Estimation of the parameters of stochastic differential equations for sea clutter
      Coherent dual-band radar system based on a unique antenna and a photonics-based transceiver
      HRR profile estimation using SLIM
      Power transforms for the Weibull and the K-distribution
      CRBs for direction-of-departure and direction-of-arrival estimation in collocated MIMO radar in the presence of unknown spatially coloured noise
      A novel grid selection method for sky-wave time difference of arrival localisation
      Resource allocation for dynamic parameter estimation in parallel channels
      Hough transform-based large micro-motion target detection and estimation in synthetic aperture radar
      Waveform design for a dual-function radar-communication system based on CE-OFDM-PM signal
      Constant false alarm rate detector based on sparsity regularisation in multi-target interfering Weibull clutter
      Covariance control joint integrated probabilistic data association filter for multi-target tracking
      Reduced complexity and near optimum detector for linear-frequency-modulated and phase-modulated LPI radar signals
      Bayesian approach to multiple extended targets tracking with random hypersurface models
      Knowledge-aided detection for airborne MIMO radar by exploiting structured clutter spectrum
      Entropy based reconstruction technique for analysis of hybrid-polarimetric SAR data
      Distributed MIMO radar target altitude estimation for ground-based systems
      Target tracking based on improved cubature particle filter in UWSNs
      Monopulse antenna-pointing system modelling and simulation
      Low-observable target detection using two-stage RFRFT
    • Train distance and speed estimation using multi sensor data fusion

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