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IET Radar, Sonar & Navigation

Volume 13, Issue 2, February 2019

Volume 13, Issue 2

February 2019

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    • Passive ISAR part I: framework and considerations
      Passive ISAR part II: narrowband imaging
      Passive 3D interferometric ISAR using target-borne illuminator of opportunity
      Moving target imaging in multistatic passive radar
      High-resolution ISAR imaging via MMV-based block-sparse signal recovery
      Passive SAR imaging using DVB-T illumination for airborne applications
      Passive multi-static SAR – experimental results
      Optimal configuration of spaceborne bistatic SAR with GEO transmitter and LEO receiver
      Passive SAR satellite (PASSAT) system: airborne demonstrator and first results
    • Survey of amplitude-aided multi-target tracking methods
    • Theory of data-driven SAR autofocus to compensate for refraction effects
      Joint polarisation and frequency diversity for deceptive jamming suppression in MIMO radar
      Multiple-detection multi-target tracking with labelled random finite sets and efficient implementations
      Robust wideband beamforming method for linear frequency modulation signals based on digital dechirp processing
      Waveform optimisation for unambiguous Doppler extension
      In-flight RCS measurements of drones and birds at K-band and W-band
      Mosaic scene deception jamming based on 2D separation modulation against SAR
      Accelerated translational motion compensation with contrast maximisation optimisation algorithm for inverse synthetic aperture radar imaging
      Research on a chip scale atomic clock driven GNSS/SINS deeply coupled navigation system for augmented performance

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