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Volume 13, Issue 12, December 2019

Volume 13, Issue 12

December 2019

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    • Efficient approach for OS-CFAR 2D technique using distributive histograms and breakdown point optimal concept applied to acoustic images
      Adaptive transmit beamspace design for cognitive FDA radar tracking
      Evolutionary multi-objective optimisation of the pulse burst waveform in solid-state VHF moving target detection radar
      Research on RTK tilt position measurement method based on UKF
      Covariance-free non-homogeneity STAP detector in compound Gaussian clutter based on robust statistics
      Manifold ambiguity and performance analysis for electric-measurement-only polarisation sensitive arrays
      UWB-radar-based synchronous motion recognition using time-varying range–Doppler images
      RCS promotion in orbital angular momentum imaging radar with rotational antenna
      Robust adaptive beamforming in impulsive noise environments
      Data-based fused modal scintillation index for depth classification of a moving source using a single receiver
      Observer manoeuvre control to track multiple targets considering Doppler-bearing measurements in threat environments
      New imaging algorithm for range resolution improvement in passive Global Navigation Satellite System-based synthetic aperture radar
      Modifications on parametric models for distributed scattering centres on surfaces with arbitrary shapes
      Hierarchical coastline detection in SAR images based on spectral-textural features and global–local information
      Data-based differential matched-mode source depth estimation for a moving source
      Bi-ISAR sparse imaging algorithm with complex Gaussian scale mixture prior
      Fast algorithm for 3D wideband LFM source localisation based on time delay under a uniform circular array
      Real-time BDS signal-in-space anomaly detection method considering receiver anomalies
      RBPPFF for robust TAN
      Fast estimation of high-order motion parameters for real-time ISAR imaging

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