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IET Radar, Sonar & Navigation

Volume 13, Issue 11, November 2019

Volume 13, Issue 11

November 2019

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    • CS detection and correction techniques for RTK positioning using single-frequency GNSS receivers: trends and comparison
    • Robust particle filter based on Huber function for underwater terrain-aided navigation
      Non-analytical direction-finding method as a key step in pursuing low size, weight, costs, and computational power in the deinterleaving of radar pulses
      Task scheduling algorithm based on value optimisation for anti-missile phased array radar
      Rao-Blackwellised particle filtering for low-cost encoder/INS/GNSS integrated vehicle navigation with wheel slipping
      Non-myopic scheduling method of mobile sensors for manoeuvring target tracking
      Fault exclusion method for ARAIM based on tight GNSS/INS integration to achieve CAT-I approach
      Performance analysis of the LS Prony method for estimating parameters of damped sinusoids
      Soft-decision schemes for radar estimation of elevation at low grazing angles
      Heterogeneous sensor fusion based on Copula theory and importance sampling
      Comparison of micro-Doppler signatures registered using RBM of helicopters and WSM of vehicles
      Coprime beamforming: fast estimation of more sources than sensors
      Probability of detection and clutter rate estimation in target tracking systems: generalised maximum likelihood approach
      Self-assisted first-fix method for GPS receiver with autonomous short-term ephemeris prediction
      Composite model for the microwave Doppler spectrum of the sea surface
      Joint detection and tracking algorithm for cognitive radar based on parallel structure of EKF and particle filter
      Cross-correlation codeless processing of BOC modulated signals
      Moving target integration by exponentially weighted recursive RFT
      New BSS-based ABF for heterogeneous ionospheric clutter mitigation in HFSWR
      JPBA of ARN for target tracking in clutter
      Material recognition based on the time delay of secondary reflections using wideband sonar pulses
      Binary Stokes vector representation of aircraft in the low-resolution radar context
      Efficient algebraic solution for elliptic target localisation and antenna position refinement in multiple-input–multiple-output radars
      Simulation of the Doppler echoes from wind turbine based on scattered electric field calculation
      Information theoretic waveform design for OFDM radar-communication coexistence in Gaussian mixture interference

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