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IET Radar, Sonar & Navigation

Volume 13, Issue 1, January 2019

Volume 13, Issue 1

January 2019

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    • Generalised polarimetric whitening filter for polarimetric MIMO radar detection
      Ground moving target detection algorithm for monopulse-SAR based on complex monopulse ratio
      Robust target motion analysis using the possibility particle filter
      Cognitive structure adaptive particle filter for radar manoeuvring target tracking
      Constant false alarm rate detection of slow targets in polarimetric along-track interferometric synthetic aperture radar imagery
      Design of unimodular sequence train with low central and recurrent autocorrelations
      RPM and Doppler-based multi-path exploitation method for UWB TWR
      Extraction of sea-clutter and RFI regions based on image segmentation for high-frequency sky-wave radar
      DOA estimation for coprime EMVS arrays via minimum distance criterion based on PARAFAC analysis
      Sidelobe level reduction in ACF of NLFM waveform
      Coherency structure exploitation in DOA estimation for non-circular sources
      Combined root-MUSIC algorithms for multi-carrier MIMO radar with sparse uniform linear arrays
      Altitude measurement based on characteristics reversal by deep neural network for VHF radar
      Modified cell averaging CFAR detector based on Grubbs criterion in non-homogeneous background
      Joint range–velocity deception jamming suppression for SIMO radar
      Search for targets in a risky environment using multi-objective optimisation
      Radar emitters classification and clustering with a scale mixture of normal distributions
      Moderate squint imaging algorithm for the multiple-hydrophone SAS with receiving hydrophone dependence
      Signal fusion-based targets detection in the presence of clutter and subspace interference for multiple-input-multiple-output radar
      Marginal tracking algorithm for hypersonic reentry gliding vehicle

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