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IET Radar, Sonar & Navigation

Volume 12, Issue 8, August 2018

Volume 12, Issue 8

August 2018

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    • New look at the Student's t-based Kalman filter from maximum a posterior perspective
      Approach for GPS precise time transfer using an augmentation information and zero-differenced PPP model
      Subarray-based time-delay low sidelobes methods for space-time coding array
      Effect of sparsity-aware time–frequency analysis on dynamic hand gesture classification with radar micro-Doppler signatures
      Parameter state estimation for bistatic sonar systems
      b-frame velocity aided coarse alignment method for dynamic SINS
      Spectrum analysis of high-resolution SAR data to obtain Bragg signatures of power cables
      Deceptive jamming for tracked vehicles based on micro-Doppler signatures
      Adaptive multisensor data fusion technique for train localisation and detection of accidental train parting
      Radar emitter classification based on unidimensional convolutional neural network
      Specific ship detection for electronic reconnaissance data based on clustering and NNs
      Joint carrier frequency and DOA estimation using a modified ULA based MWC discrete compressed sampling receiver
      Non-linear FIR smoothing filter for systems with a modelling error and its application to the DR/GPS integrated navigation
      Joint frequency and two-dimensional direction of arrival estimation for Electronic Support systems based on sub-Nyquist sampling
      Complex signum non-linearity for robust GNSS interference mitigation

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