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IET Radar, Sonar & Navigation

Volume 12, Issue 12, December 2018

Volume 12, Issue 12

December 2018

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    • Guest Editorial: Cognitive Radar
      Proposed ontology for cognitive radar systems
      Hierarchical fully adaptive radar
      Cost function design for the fully adaptive radar framework
      Adaptive transmission for radar arrays using Weiss–Weinstein bounds
      Bio-inspired processing of radar target echoes
      Biologically-inspired wideband target localisation
      Fully adaptive update rate for non-linear trackers
      Optimisation of radar search patterns in localised clutter and terrain masking under direction-specific scan update rates constraints
      Multifunction cognitive radar task scheduling using Monte Carlo tree search and policy networks
      Ground vehicle target signature identification with cognitive automotive radar using 24–25 and 76–77 GHz bands
      Experimental demonstration and analysis of cognitive spectrum sensing and notching for radar
    • Reduced-dimension STAP using a modified generalised sidelobe canceller for collocated MIMO radars
      Data association for extended target tracking by BP
      Location awareness method for spot beam emitters
      Impact of vector sensor on underwater acoustic communications system
      LPI time-based TMS against high-sensitivity ESM
      One-bit compressive sensing with time-varying thresholds in synthetic aperture radar imaging
      Modified-adaptive pulse compression repair algorithm based on post-processing for eclipsing effects
      Method for scatterer trajectory association of sequential ISAR images based on Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithm

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