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IET Radar, Sonar & Navigation

Volume 12, Issue 11, November 2018

Volume 12, Issue 11

November 2018

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    • FMCW multiple-input multiple-output radar with iterative adaptive beamforming
      Recursive linear continuous quaternion attitude estimator from vector observations
      Modified sequential processing terrain referenced navigation considering slant range measurement
      Two unbiased converted measurement Kalman filtering algorithms with range rate
      Fifth-degree continuous–discrete cubature Kalman filter for radar
      Optimal tone detection for optical fibre vector hydrophone
      GNSS/MEMS IMU ultra-tightly integrated navigation system based on dual-loop NCO control method and cascaded channel filters
      On multitrack fusion under unknown correlation
      Spectral fitting method for designing radar sequence with spectral nulling and correlation constraints
      Convolutional neural network for classifying space target of the same shape by using RCS time series
      Fast imaging algorithm for the multiple receiver synthetic aperture sonars
      Target recognition in SAR image based on robust locality discriminant projection
      Maximum eigenvalue-based target detection for the K-distributed clutter environment
      Efficient method for outlier removal in SAR image matching based on epipolar geometry
      Performance analysis of geometry-free and ionosphere-free code–carrier phase observation models in integer ambiguity resolution
      Multibeam radar based on linear frequency modulated waveform diversity
      Study of time link calibration based on GPS carrier phase observation
      Motion compensation of the transmitter and receiver in bistatic frequency-modulated continuous-wave synthetic aperture radar
      DOA estimation based on compressed sensing with gain/phase uncertainties
      Efficient bias reduction approach of time-of-flight-based wireless localisation networks in NLOS states

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