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IET Radar, Sonar & Navigation

Volume 12, Issue 1, January 2018

Volume 12, Issue 1

January 2018

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    • Multiple input multiple output radar imaging based on multidimensional linear equations and sparse signal recovery
      Joint optimisation of transmit waveform and receive filter for cognitive radar
      Algebraic solution for three-dimensional TDOA/AOA localisation in multiple-input–multiple-output passive radar
      Improved patch-based NLM PolSAR speckle filter based on iteratively re-weighted least squares method
      Motion compensation for high-frequency surface wave radar on a floating platform
      Scalable indoor positioning system with multi-band FMCW
      Parameter estimation and suppression for DRFM-based interrupted sampling repeater jammer
      Disambiguation of interferometric DOA estimates in vehicular passive radar
      Micro-Doppler effect removal for ISAR imaging based on bivariate variational mode decomposition
      High-resolution ISAR imaging based on two-dimensional group sparse recovery
      Hopped-frequency waveform design for range sidelobe suppression in spectral congestion
      Adaptive beam-allocation method based on lobe efficacy
      Cascaded interference suppression method based on sparse representation for airborne passive radar
      Stochastic control of observer trajectories in passive tracking with acoustic signal propagation optimisation
      Parallel processing algorithm for multipath clutter cancellation in passive radar
      Joint delay–Doppler estimation for passive bistatic radar with direct-path interference using MCMC method
      Transmitter/receiver polarisation optimisation based on oblique projection filtering for mainlobe interference suppression in polarimetric multiple-input–multiple-output radar
    • Efficient implementation of the ML estimator for high-resolution angle estimation in an unmanned ground vehicle

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