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IET Radar, Sonar & Navigation

Volume 11, Issue 3, March 2017

Volume 11, Issue 3

March 2017

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    • Multichannel GMTI techniques to enhance integration of temporal signal energy for improved target detection
      Geometric barycenters for covariance estimation in compound-Gaussian clutter
      Multiple-component polarimetric decomposition with new volume scattering models for PolSAR urban areas
      Field trial of a photonics-based dual-band fully coherent radar system in a maritime scenario
      Method for operating mode identification of multi-function radars based on predictive state representations
      Distributed multi-sensor fusion using generalised multi-Bernoulli densities
      Multi-carrier radar waveforms for communications and detection
      Persymmetric Rao and Wald tests for adaptive detection of distributed targets in compound-Gaussian noise
      Threat evaluation and jamming allocation
      Subspace approach to performance modelling of range-sidelobe suppressed waveforms
      Interference DOA estimation and suppression for GNSS receivers using fully augmentable arrays
      Simulation of synthetic aperture radar imaging of dynamic wakes of submerged body
      Low-angle target tracking using frequency-agile refined maximum likelihood algorithm
      Target identification using bistatic high-resolution range profiles
      Fast two-dimensional subset censored CFAR method for multiple objects detection from acoustic image
      Trajectory estimation for ballistic missile in boost stage using robust filtering
      Robustness versus accuracy: multipath effects on land mobile satellite navigation
      Least-squares support vector machine-based Kalman filtering for GNSS navigation with dynamic model real-time correction
      Joint estimation of multi-target signal-to-noise ratio and dynamic states in cluttered environment

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