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IET Radar, Sonar & Navigation

Volume 11, Issue 12, December 2017

Volume 11, Issue 12

December 2017

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    • Cooperative robotic networks for underwater surveillance: an overview
      Rendezvous planning for multiple autonomous underwater vehicles using a Markov decision process
      Non-myopic sensor scheduling for multistatic sonobuoy fields
      Constrained robust submodular sensor selection with application to multistatic sonar arrays
      Hybrid phase shift and shifted sideband beamforming for large-aperture MIMO sonar imaging
      Gaussian mixture multitarget–multisensor Bernoulli tracker for multistatic sonobuoy fields
      Joint DOA and frequency estimation with sub-Nyquist sampling for more sources than sensors
    • Signal censoring and fusing with system-level communication constraints in multistatic radar: a J-divergence and Bhattacharyya distance-based approach
      Multi-scan smoothing for tracking manoeuvering target trajectory in heavy cluttered environment
      Synchronisation method for pulsed pseudolite positioning signal under the pulse scheme without slot-permutation
      Adaptive beamforming algorithms with robustness against steering vector mismatch of signals
      Recursive instrumental variable method for locating a scanning emitter by a single observer using time of interception
      Robust DFT-based generalised likelihood ratio test for underwater tone detection
      Subspace tracking in a sensor array using complex Bingham distribution
      Mitigation of ionospheric scintillation effect using adaptive PID-based tracking loop in GPS receivers
      Jittered chirp sequence waveform in combination with CS-based unambiguous Doppler processing for automotive frequency-modulated continuous wave radar
      Sparse sampling-based microwave 3D imaging using interferometry and frequency-domain principal component analysis

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