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IET Radar, Sonar & Navigation

Volume 10, Issue 9, December 2016

Volume 10, Issue 9

December 2016

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    • Guest Editorial
      Consistent DOA estimation of heavily noisy gunshot signals using a microphone array
      Acoustic shooter localisation using a network of asynchronous acoustic nodes
      Comparison of supersonic bullet ballistic models for accurate localisation of small arms fire
      Acoustic atmospheric tomography using multiple unmanned aerial vehicles
      Source parameter estimation of aero-acoustic emitters using non-linear least squares and conventional methods
      Passive acoustic system for tracking low-flying aircraft
    • Three-component decomposition technique for hybrid-pol SAR data
      Comparative investigation into Viterbi based and multiple hypothesis based track stitching
      Design of multiple-input–multiple-output radar waveforms for Rician target detection
      Multiscale kernel sparse coding-based classifier for HRRP radar target recognition
      Doppler tolerance, complementary code sets, and generalised Thue–Morse sequences
      Insights into prior learning for despeckling SAR images
      Design of Maisel sidelobe blankers with a guarantee on the gap to optimality
      Beam-space reduced-dimension space-time adaptive processing for airborne radar in sample starved heterogeneous environments
      Analyses of the performance of adaptive subspace detector on fluctuating target detection in system-dependent clutter background
      Analytical geolocation and three-dimensional localisation by time difference of arrival
      Monostatic radar range–Doppler sidelobe suppression using nearly orthogonal waveforms
      Frequency diverse array and MIMO hybrid radar transmitter design via Cramér–Rao lower bound minimisation
      CLEAN-based coherent integration method for high-speed multi-targets detection
      Extended input estimation method for tracking non-linear manoeuvring targets with multiplicative noises
      Time–frequency image-based carrier tracking method for Global Navigation Satellite System signal with ultra-high dynamics
      Centroid features for classification of armed/unarmed multiple personnel using multistatic human micro-Doppler
      Doppler ambiguity removal and ISAR imaging of group targets with sparse decomposition
      Ambiguities in target motion estimation for general SAR measurements

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