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IET Radar, Sonar & Navigation

Volume 10, Issue 1, January 2016

Volume 10, Issue 1

January 2016

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    • Guest Editorial Special Issue: “Catching the invisible”
      Target motion estimation via multi-node forward scatter radar system
      Non-coherent adaptive detection in passive radar exploiting polarimetric and frequency diversity
      Doppler spectra of medium grazing angle sea clutter; part 1: characterisation
      Doppler spectra of medium grazing angle sea clutter; part 2: model assessment and simulation
      Adaptive interference cancellation using a sampled analogue signal processor
      Virtual multichannel SAR for ground moving target imaging
      Bistatic three-dimensional interferometric ISAR
      Ku band ground penetrating radar for asphalt layer measurement
      Radar wake-vortices cross-section/Doppler signature characterisation based on simulation and field tests trials
    • Efficient architecture and hardware implementation of coherent integration processor for digital video broadcast-based passive bistatic radar
      Sea clutter suppression method for shipborne high-frequency surface-wave radar
      Examination of GPS/EGNOS integrity in north-eastern Poland
      Non-rigid synthetic aperture radar image registration by combining point-wise background regional similarity and local spatial constraint
      Overcoming polar-format issues in synthetic aperture radar multichannel autofocus
      Analysis of target multipaths in WiFi-based passive radars
      System parameter optimisation for moving target detection and imaging in multi-band synthetic aperture radar based on genetic algorithm
      Debiased converted position and Doppler measurement tracking with array radar measurements in direction cosine coordinates
      Comparison of the acoustic performance and positioning accuracy of three kinds of planar partial discharge ultrasonic array sensors
      Multiband FM-based passive bistatic radar: target range resolution improvement
      Non-cooperative identification of civil aircraft using a generalised mutual subspace method
      Estimating the Pareto plus noise distribution parameters using non-integer order moments and [zlog(z)] approaches
      On the design of staggered moving target indicator filters
      Non-coherent pulse compression — aperiodic and periodic waveforms
      Legendre sequences for periodic non-coherent pulse compression

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