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Volume 9, Issue 8, November 2015

Volume 9, Issue 8

November 2015

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    • Design and analysis of a dual-mode flux-switching doubly salient DC-field magnetless machine for wind power harvesting
      Optimal scheduled power flow for distributed photovoltaic/wind/diesel generators with battery storage system
      Multiple-input–multiple-output high-order sliding mode control for a permanent magnet synchronous generator wind-based system with grid support capabilities
      Performance evaluation of a multistring photovoltaic module with distributed DC–DC converters
      Design of a custom power park for wind turbine system and analysis of the system performance under power quality disturbances
      Voltage security in AC microgrids: a power flow-based approach considering droop-controlled inverters
      Robust active disturbance rejection controller design to improve low-voltage ride-through capability of doubly fed induction generator wind farms
      Stable operating area of photovoltaic cells feeding DC–DC converter in output voltage regulation mode
      Optimal operation of distributed generations in micro-grids under uncertainties in load and renewable power generation using heuristic algorithm
      Active control strategy based on vector-proportion integration controller for proton exchange membrane fuel cell grid-connected system
      Offline tuning of dynamic settings considering an online central controller in a wind energy harvesting network
      Employing dual scaling mode for adaptive hill climbing method on buck converter
      Scenarios for use of floating photovoltaic plants in Brazilian reservoirs
      Lightning transient characteristics of cable power collection system in wind power plants
      Response of wind power park modules in distribution systems to transmission network faults during reverse power flows
    • Artificial neural network-based photovoltaic maximum power point tracking techniques: a survey
      Review of microgrid architectures – a system of systems perspective
      Comparison between thin-film solar cells and copper–indium–gallium–diselenide in Southeast Asia
      Technical grid connection guides for distributed electricity generation systems: a new DERlab database has come alive

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