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Volume 9, Issue 7, September 2015

Volume 9, Issue 7

September 2015

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    • Lightweight stator structure for a large diameter direct-drive permanent magnet synchronous generator intended for wind turbines
      Dynamic performance of doubly-fed induction generator stator flux during consecutive grid voltage variations
      Fuzzy PI controlled inverter for grid interactive renewable energy systems
      Research and practical utilisation of low-intensity stochastic energy
      Coordinated control strategy for doubly-fed induction generator with DC connection topology
      Development of a hybrid genetic algorithm/perturb and observe algorithm for maximum power point tracking in photovoltaic systems under non-uniform insolation
      Economic evaluation of maintenance strategies for wind turbines: a stochastic analysis
      Frequency response estimation method for high wind penetration considering wind turbine frequency support functions
      Doubly-fed induction generator ride-through fault capability using resonant controllers for asymmetrical voltage sags
      Transient stability enhancement of a grid-connected wind farm using an adaptive neuro-fuzzy controlled-flywheel energy storage system
      Frequency tuning design for vibration-driven electromagnetic energy harvester
      Approach for modelling stochastically dependent renewable energy-based generators using diagonal band copula
      Dynamic modelling of wind turbine gearbox bearing loading during transient events
      Power sharing control strategies for a three-phase microgrid in different operating condition with droop control and damping factor investigation
      Symmetrical and asymmetrical low-voltage ride through of doubly-fed induction generator wind turbines using gate controlled series capacitor
      Power balancing and dc fault ride through in DC grids with dc hubs and wind farms
      Optimisation of reactive power compensation of HVAC cable in off-shore wind power plant

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