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Volume 9, Issue 6, August 2015

Volume 9, Issue 6

August 2015

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    • Three-phase tri-state buck–boost integrated inverter for solar applications
      Active participation of wind power in operating reserves
      Direct power control of doubly fed induction generator without phase-locked loop in synchronous reference frame during frequency variations
      Improved control strategy for the three-phase grid-connected inverter
      Chaotic eye-based fault forecasting method for wind power systems
      A protection strategy for micro-grids based on positive-sequence component
      Probabilistic analysis of gear flank micro-pitting risk in wind turbine gearbox using supervisory control and data acquisition data
      Simplified distribution grid model for power quality studies in the presence of photovoltaic generators
      Chronological risk assessment approach of distribution system with concentrated solar power plant
      Operational characteristics of hybrid-powered three-phase induction motor via synchronous and photovoltaic generators with MPPT utilised by synchronous generator automatic voltage regulator
      State-of-charge optimising control approach of battery energy storage system for wind farm
      Metaheuristic and probabilistic techniques for optimal allocation and size of biomass distributed generation in unbalanced radial systems
      Comparison of models of fuel cells based on experimental data for the design of power electronics systems
      Optimal adaptive sub-synchronous resonance damping controller for a series-compensated doubly-fed induction generator-based wind farm
      Maximum power point tracking method using a modified perturb and observe algorithm for grid connected wind energy conversion systems
      DC-link fault current limiter-based fault ride-through scheme for inverter-based distributed generation
      Islanding detection method for grid connected photovoltaic systems

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