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Volume 9, Issue 5, July 2015

Volume 9, Issue 5

July 2015

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    • Guest Editorial
      Worldwide photovoltaic energy yield sensitivity from a variety of input losses
      Investigation of the accuracy of historical irradiance products and interannual variability of solar irradiance using Met Office ground data
      Optical modelling for concentrating photovoltaic systems: insolation transfer variations with solar source descriptions
      Lightweight and low-cost thin film photovoltaics for large area extra-terrestrial applications
      Multi-domain analysis of photovoltaic impacts via integrated spatial and probabilistic modelling
      Energy yields of small grid connected photovoltaic system: effects of component reliability and maintenance
      Short-term performance variations of different photovoltaic system technologies under the humid subtropical climate of Kanpur in India
      Spatially and spectrally resolved electroluminescence measurement system for photovoltaic characterisation
    • Increasing renewable penetration on islanded networks through active network management: a case study from Shetland
      Power quality surveys of photovoltaic power plants: characterisation and analysis of grid-code requirements
      Modified particle swarm optimisation technique for optimal design of small renewable energy system supplying a specific load at Mansoura University
      Power management of an isolated hybrid AC/DC micro-grid with fuzzy control of battery banks
      Three-phase ac–dc buck–boost converter with a reduced number of switches
      Automated on-line fault prognosis for wind turbine pitch systems using supervisory control and data acquisition
      Input energy analysis of flexible solar cells on textile
      Reduced converter topology for integrated wind and small-hydro energy generation system
      Parabolised model of the turbulent wake behind marine turbines

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