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Volume 9, Issue 4, May 2015

Volume 9, Issue 4

May 2015

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    • Sliding mode regulator for maximum power tracking and copper loss minimisation of a doubly fed induction generator
      Comprehensive dynamic analysis of photovoltaic generator interfacing DC–DC boost power stage
      Modelling robustness for a flexible grid-tied photovoltaic generation system
      On-line identification of biomass fuels based on flame radical imaging and application of radical basis function neural network techniques
      Load margin assessment of systems with distributed generation with the help of a neuro-fuzzy method
      Energy models for photovoltaic systems under partial shading conditions: a comprehensive review
      Optimal control method for wind farm to support temporary primary frequency control with minimised wind energy cost
      Converter rating optimisation for a brushless doubly fed induction generator
      Wave energy park power quality impact and collection grid economic assessment
      Controlling stored energy in a concentrating solar thermal power plant to maximise revenue
      Thermal modelling of a passively cooled inverter for wave power

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