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Volume 9, Issue 3, April 2015

Volume 9, Issue 3

April 2015

Probabilistic evaluation of voltage and reactive power control methods of wind generators in distribution networks
Approach for the modelling of hybrid photovoltaic–thermal solar collector
Harmonic analysis based hourly solar radiation forecasting model
Performance of oil palm frond gasification using medium-scale downdraft gasification for electricity generation
Grid-connected photovoltaic power plants for helping node voltage regulation
Investigation of the effects of homogeneous and heterogeneous solar irradiations on multicrystal PV module under various configurations
Appropriate structural parameters of biogas SI engine converted from diesel engine
Load mitigation of unbalanced wind turbines using PI-R individual pitch control
Characterisation of large disturbance rotor angle and voltage stability in interconnected power networks with distributed wind generation
Development of a control strategy for interconnection of islanded direct current microgrids

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