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Volume 8, Issue 8, November 2014

Volume 8, Issue 8

November 2014

Adaptive noise suppression filter based integrated voltage and frequency controller for two-winding single-phase self-excited induction generator
Non-linear controller approach for an autonomous battery-assisted photovoltaic system feeding an AC load with a non-linear component
Data-driven modelling of a doubly fed induction generator wind turbine system based on neural networks
Indirect coordination of electricity demand for balancing wind power
Non-linear analysis of DFIG based wind farm in stressed power systems
Detection of rotor electrical asymmetry in wind turbine doubly-fed induction generators
Reactive power control for voltage stability of standalone hybrid wind–diesel power system based on functional model predictive control
Takagi–Sugeno fuzzy-based incremental conductance algorithm for maximum power point tracking of a photovoltaic generating system
Voltage control assessment of wind energy harvesting networks
Modelling and controller design of quasi-Z-source cascaded multilevel inverter-based three-phase grid-tie photovoltaic power system
Optimal load sharing strategy for a wind/diesel/battery hybrid power system based on imperialist competitive neural network algorithm

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