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Volume 8, Issue 5, July 2014

Volume 8, Issue 5

July 2014

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    • Guest Editorial
      Contacts on polyester textile as a flexible substrate for solar cells
      Simplified levelised cost of the domestic photovoltaic energy in the UK: the importance of the feed-in tariff scheme
      Distributed electrical network modelling approach for spatially resolved characterisation of photovoltaic modules
      Determining spectral response of a photovoltaic device using polychromatic filters
    • Quantitative assessment and comparison of fault responses for synchronous generator and wind turbine generators based on modified transient energy function
      Torque controller of a doubly-fed induction generator impelled by a DC motor for wind system applications
      Moving horizon ℋ control of variable speed wind turbines with actuator saturation
      Effects of wind generation intermittency and volatility on power system transient stability
      Emission mitigation with short-term wind statistics
      Utilisation of alkaline electrolysers to improve power system frequency stability with a high penetration of wind power
      Ad-hoc analytical solution based on local linearisations for doubly-fed induction generator wind turbine electromechanical simulations
      Novel modular and retractable permanent magnet motor/generator for flywheel applications with reduced iron losses in stand-by mode
      Reserve from wind power potential in system economic loading
      Novel coordinated secondary voltage control strategy for efficient utilisation of distributed generations

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